Lisa Nuss La Mesa California


Complaint: We hired Lisa Nuss to research and produce a report on the cost to California’s economy to ban ferrets. Our hope was that an economic report, similar to the environmental report we already have would spur interest among California legislators in sponsoring our bill. We agreed to a price of $5,000 of which over the nearly two years we paid Lisa Nuss $4,200. When she failed to produce the report I hired an attorney. She said the report was nearly done and we’d have it by November 1st, 2014. However, in September her phone numbers were disconnected. Our attorney tells us a breach of contract lawsuit is pretty clear here but we would be unlikely to collect. It is especially gaulling that a struggeling non-profit is out $4,200 and some credibility and Lisa Nuss is still advertising herself on as a researcher, analyst and writer.

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