Listia Riverview Michigan


Complaint: Listia has some really crazy business practices. Today I found a netbook listed. It was a decent netbook (ebay value $45-$60), but the seller had a whole list of parts that had been removed. It also stated that “all other parts were in good working order””. It had an opening bid of 15

Tags: Online Business

Address: 000 credits. So

Website: I contacted Listia member services to cancel my bid as the other parts replaced and the new screen would cost more than I could buy a complete working netbook for. I was informed that it would be “”unfair”” to the seller to cancel my bid. Is that crazy or what? I was also “”advised”” to read the auction listing carefully.. I am seriously wondering if they read MY complaint. I guess it is legal within this site to enter a misleading description for an item

Phone: I went ahead and bid the 15 grand. After my bid was locked in

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