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Complaint: My internet was frozen with a blue screen stating that My computer was compromised and if I wanted to save my information I should call “Microsoft Inc. Tech Support”” and a number was listed. I called and they were able to access my computer remotely. They showed me “”viruses”” and problems with my computer that needed to be addressed. They gave me a fee scale that included “”unlimited tech support”” for 1 year

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: 2 years

Website: 800-208-0798

Phone: etc. i gave them my credit card info assuming i was speaking to Microsoft Inc. They started doing “”work”” and had to reboot. Once rebooted they could not get back in due to password protection so I used this opportunity to call Microsoft to confirm this process. The REAL Microsoft Inc. assured me that this is a scam and helped me get them out of my computer. The fake Microsoft called me over and over trying to demand I let them back in to my computer. They called for hours stating they were Microsoft. After a while it finally stopped when I told them I had just gotten off the phone with the real Microsoft Inc. I contacted my bank and they had removed $249.99 from my account within less than and hour so I had to dispute the charge. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my computer.”

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