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Recently needed help with HTML coding. This was urgent and the only option I came across was I chose an expert with excellent reviews. During the first 3 minutes I stated clearly what I needed for this expert. I was assured they have had years of experience. Expert was hired. Long story short, this person didn’t seem to know anything about HTML but not until after he was hired for some time. I requested a refund from Liveperson and they refused. They claimed I should have asked during the free 3 minute period to make sure if the expert can actually help me (I did that). They also claimed no one was stopping me from quiting the session (I did quit but not until after the pay session have started). They also said the expert should be paid for the time they spent with me regardless whether they helped me or not. It annoys me that Liveperson would support people who are frauds. By not removing this person from their site they are allowing others to be cheated out of their money.

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