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I gave Ahmed and Francesca out of good faith 8k in patio furniture on consignment, our agreement was I get paid weekly for sales, signed by Ahmed. After items sold I was ignored and out off for a month and told they only pay monthly even though they agreed to pay me weekly. After 10 phone calls 20 emails all ignored I was passed off to their accountant, I was then promised a check Friday 8/7 by 6pm. I emailed no reply I called nobody knew about a check, Saturday I was bluntly told there is no check. One of their empoyeees told me this is common they have scrwed many people. This is obviously how they stay open by taking all their stuff on consignment and never paying anyone because there is nobody in the store ever. Though one location is done the next is soon Im sure. Ill resolve this in court now. I have owned showrooms and other businesses these people are highly unethical.

2408 Lincoln Blvd Santa Monica , California USA

(310) 450-5063

Furniture & Furnishings

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