LOANS OF AMERICA Escondido ca California


Complaint: I got a call a few days back from a guy named JOHN MARTINEZ from so called (Loans of America) they had told me i was excepted a loan of up to 1,000 3,000 all i had to do first was go to a 7-11 or somewhere to get a green dot money pack so i could load the first 150$ on a card to prove id be able to pay monthly so like an idiot i went and did it , after that i called him back he had asked for the green dot card number and told me he would put me on hold for 30 mins came back 20 mins later saying okay gage we have everything set up for your bank to be deposited in about in hour , i waited about 30 mins called JOHN back i didnt recieve anything from my bank thats what i had told him and he said okay i talked with your branch of the bank and they told me they needed another 150$ to get the transaction to go threw so i had given them more money after 45 mins MY BANK CALLES me from the same BANk number saying that they see activity going on in my account and the that the loan wouldnt go threw beacuse my account was negitive so i payed it off and then called my bank asking if trasactions had went threw they said they never recieved anything for a line , so i called back i didnt tell them what my bank said i jst went with it and they had then said okay what im going to for you is send it threw western union and he had gave me a tracking number and everything i kept looking it up to see if it went threw for 2 days it said processing and then they called me today saying they were closed sundays and that i hade to pay another 150$ beacuse the money would proccess with western union and i had told him sorry all my money went to you 2 days before this and that i couldnt pay anything else so he keeps calling back trying to get me to send more money then ill have 3,000$ transferred threw THIS IS A SCAM A COMPANY LYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF innecent people working hard for there money . this company and the people scamming deserve to rot in jail and Then some more .

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Address: 8320 W. Sunrise Blvd. #209 plantation, Florida USA


Phone: 1305-504-2715

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