i was told that I was approved for a loan for up to $3k but I only wanted $1500. I was told to to send them $205 on a money pack and then the funds would be in my account in 15 min. I waited and a guy named Sean Williams and Lance called me back and they said to send them an additional $490 to get my credit score raised up to 650. But i was told that I was approved and the money I sent would not be lost repeatedly.I am now not able to buy my children anything at all for Christmas nor get my car repaired! I begged for my money back in jesus name and this lance guy just didn’t care. I pray in jesus name that there is someone out there that can help me to get my money back. Please and thank you. My name is Keith Roberts 614-999-4152. I demand Refund. Stay away

  • #Micheal Thompson
  • #Micheal Thompson

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