The Software that I purchased a Trial Still cost me $17 without any come back on it… | When I got the software I could not load it into my PC and then I could not find it to remove it… | Got in touch with Support and explained It would load correctly so They told me to close my firewall which I did and tried to download again… | Still would not load… | So then they told me to remove ALL my viruses software, so before I took such drastic action a quick search revealed that the software had problems and viruses attached to it, So I refused… | Then I just cancelled with the company and ended up paying someone nearly $90 to remove all the bits it had left on my hard drive, CCleaner, Avast nothing would touch it… Only an industrial type cleaner. | Then a few days later Paypal Charged me $67 for the software that I had already cancelled… | So then I have to make a claim through Paypal, And EVERYONE KNOWS THE FRICKIN HASSLE THAT IS… | But Eventually, I got my $67 back… | Next Month they took AGAIN… | And Now PayPal WILL NOT REFUND IT… NO WAY OF CONTACTING PAYPAL… | Then they took another $92… | So You have been warned really bad product and thieves all at the same time…

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