Logan’s Roadhouse


This may sound like an exaggerated description of a poor night out. I assure you that this is exactly how it took place. We were a party of 7 out for Father’s Day dinner. Would have had a more pleasant experience at McDonalds. Issues in order Called ahead for a table said no wait 10 min later we arrived and gave us a 40 minute wait 1. 15 minutes to get a waiter at the table 2. A at least 10 just to get fountain drinks 3. The beers were a little above room temperature 4. Meals came without the salads 5. Kids meal missing sweet potato, came out with fries 6. One of the meals was missing the vegetable 7. 3 roadhouse burgers bacon BITS instead of bacon( manager said they ran out). It should have been removed from the menu since I would only be getting a bacon bit burger and not the one on the menu. 8. No BBQ SAUCE, sautéed onions, mushrooms, red onions and pickles Then we spoke with the manager and he said he would adjust the bill. Ok, things happen I guess. | Then we received the bill 1. Charged for the salads we didn’t receive 2. Drinks and appetizers were full price during happy hour 3. The managers adjustment of the bill was a free appetizer coupon. No bill adjustment charged for the salads we didn’t receive. Establishments like Logan’s Roadhouse are really selling a pleasant dining experience at an affordable price. When considering the poor service from the waiter then combing that with the incompetence of the manager it is highly unlikely that any number of customers will return. So, I confront the manager (Jimmy) and expressed my complete dissatisfaction with the quality of service and the overall quality of the food. As well as his shortcomings as the manager handling this situation. He refused to lower the bill and offered more gift coupons. It was at this point that I pointed out the issues with the bill. He [jimmy] corrected the bill numerous times to adjust the happy hour and regular price issue. But he did not adjust the price of the 4 beers at full price, not happy hour. I can assure you I will not return to this establishment and would not recommend it to anyone.

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