Complaint: I am just one among many who have been duped by Longwood Industries, Inc. a/k/a BigLot.com and Autohopper.com. I placed an ad on the above mentioned websites to sell my vehicle. I paid $150.00 for this service and was told if my vehicle did not sell I would receive a refund minus $20.00 as a processing fee. Shortly after my 60 days was up I made several attempts to contact Stephen who was the person who sent me my letter, and I might add is the same person I was supposed to call if I had any questions. After repeated calls and several messages left, I never received a call back. Shortly after those attempts our family was hit with a tragedy which took me away from the task of pursuing my refund, which I will not get into at this time. Today when I went online to see what I needed to do to receive my refund, I had a Listing Confirmation pop up. This was the first time this ever happened, every other time I saw a copy of my ad and all my information. In this Listing Confirmation was the first time I saw the Service Policy, which states that there is a 10 day calendar refund window. First of all, after my ad was placed I received no confirmation from them. Secondly no where in my original paperwork is there any mention of this. It simply states that in order to eligible you must have let your ad run for more than 60 days, must have sent a photo of your vehicle, and your vehicle must not have been sold. In fact I was told when I originally contacted this company that the longer I left my ad online with them the better chance I had of selling it. Obviously that was so that I would go past your 70 day deadline. Needless to say I have been cheated. I have contacted my attorney and he has suggested that before I take any further action to get my money that I send them a letter and see if they will do the right thing and return to me my $130.00. I sent my letter and to date have heard nothing. I am not surprised. KENNETH SAGINAW, MichiganU.S.A.

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Address: 1671 Longwood Avenue Bedford, Virginia U.S.A.


Phone: 800-430-1965ext.122

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