Lory Garcia ID 992 Review


I am so angry, this woman Lory Garcia claims in a legal Summons Document that she came to my house 4 times to serve me papers in 2013. On the 4th attempt got my husband and says she substituted service to him. Did not happen and the proof is in the description of my husband, she stated in this LEGAL document. Hair color was WRONG! Height was WRONG! Weight was WAY WRONG!!! The only things she got right was he was Male! She then states 2 days later she mailed the documents by First Class mail, NEVER received them until over 10 Months later May 2014 from some shady lawyers office!!!!! Because of her dishonesty I missed a court date in May of 2013 and had 1 business day to call my insurance to make sure they sent a lawyer to a jury trial. I cannot believe people can get away with stuff like this. Why does our legal system not punish this kind of behavior??? What a Joke! .

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