Los Angeles Scrap Metal Review


This company is a complete fraud – they do not have a phyical location and the address on the web site does not exist. We called them for a price on some scrap metal we generate, they gave us a very high price (we were dumb) and offered to “come a pick it up”. They did that and then we couldn’t get any money – none. We attempted to visit their yard only to discover that the address does not exist. To add insult to injury the trucker that they sent to pick up the metal sent us a bill – they called them saying they were us. We then took the info from the trucking company showing the address they delievered our metal to only to find a For Lease warehouse with no tenent. Appearently they had a truck waiting for the real trucker and loaded our metal in the parking lot and drove away, never to be seen again. We had our local police investagate and they are flustered by the ease at which this crime was committed. The phone number is a cell phone, there is no address, and they just don’t have a place of business. .

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