Lost Frontiers Alamos Review


Mr Phillip Hassrick Doing Business As Lost Frontiers is on a program of defamation against our company. He is a tour operator who contracted our safari company to provide a safari for his clients. He agreed to our policy of no cash refunds only credits for a future safari. The policy is clearly stated in our web site and on our invoices. We were forced to stop his safari due to an armed rebellion in South Sudan by a rebel named Yau Yau. The rebel group killed UN soldiers, killed government soldiers, destroyed the headquarters of the park he was to enter, killed the park warden and several of his park rangers, destroyed a hospital, was indirectly responsible for the shooting down of a UN helicopter, made warnings that all foreigners should leave the area where the safari was to take place. Mr Hassick refuses to accept that the rebellion took place or was a threat to his safari.Although anyone can google yau yau and find reports of the rebellion. Mr Hassick has gone on a rampage of defamation against our company on the internet and with other tour company clients of ours with the purpose of causing us financial damage. His purpose is to force a refund and believes he has no contract with us. Mr Hassick is using the internet as a form of blackmail to force his will. We estimate to date our losses exceed $100,000 us dollars. In Mexico and South Sudan this is a criminal offense, not civil. Our lawyers are at this time preparing to file the complaint in both countries.

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