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Lotus Blossom Consulting Ripped us off, wasted our time, and kept our money. When my husband and I met with Mindy Berkson, she promised to find us a surrogate within 2 to 4 weeks. It was 5 months later and she still could not find us a surrogate; She also promised that she could find us a surrogate that matched our geographical criteria either using her database or this u201cso calledu201d large pool of other databases from other agencies. After we paid our money, she kept providing us with surrogates outside of our geographical criteria and then telling us we needed to expand our location which would have cost us more money and causing us to be unable to participate in the experience. She also provided us with surrogates that were unavailable; She promised that she had the experience and could provide us with surrogates that would pass medical clearance with our particular clinic. She provided our clinic with three different surrogates and not one passed medical clearance. The surrogates were so bad, that our own doctor had to get on the phone with Mindy Berkson and had to tell her to stop sending such poor candidates. As an example of how bad one of the surrogates was, one had a history of suicide attempts; She advertises that if her surrogates do not pass medical clearance there will be a full refund. At the end, Mindy Berkson refused to provide us with our full refund. She then made up a story about how we did not sign with an outside agency and therefore, we are not entitled to our refund. Meanwhile, she is an agency, she holds herself out as an agency and her goal according to all documentation is to provide surrogates which none of them passed medical clearance. Despite clear advertising, she failed to honor her own words of her own website. Further, there was nothing in the contract that we signed that said it was a non-refundable deposit; Further, she allowed us to finance in which we paid $15,000 down and then she allowed us to finance another $15,000.00. I distinctly remember her saying when we met with her and she was inducing us to sign up with her that she would start looking for a surrogate using her own database and then move into that large pool of other databases that she advertises. When we asked for our refund back and we asked to see an accounting of the work she provided, she not only refused to provide us with an accounting to justify keeping our refund, but she came up with an excuse that because we financed, we were limited to only those surrogates available only through Lotus Blossom. Nowhere does it say this in writing. In fact, she advertises just the opposite. But she had to come up with some excuse for the little work she did on our case and a whole lot of money she took from us; She took us on an emotional rollercoaster, having us race home and leave work early so we could talk to several candidates when most other agencies first wait until the surrogate will pass medical clearance. She is nothing but a heartbreaker; She thinks by calling herself a consulting firm that she can make more promises that she can deliver. Do not be fooled like we were. Mindy took our dream away, donu2019t let her do it to you as well. AVOID THIS COMPANY OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!

35 E. Upper Wacker Drive Chicago, Illinois USA


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