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I found this site on facebook. Louisvuittonshop.us. I browsed the site and read the reviews, as well as the disclaimer on it’s authenticity. I ordered 2 items from there and paid with my credit card. I received confirmation of my payment immediately. A few days went by and I responded to the email that authorized my payment. They said they are only the ones that process my payment, however, they gave me the email of the store owner. I emailed her and she said she would be shipping as soon as the items are put together. A day or so later I got a tracking number. I went on USPS, the tracking information never changed from day to day. I emailed her again a few days later to inquire, as well as call USPS that said they couldn’t track the item because the number wasn’t valid. She responded with an automatic email saying that she is on vacation and the company is closed due to a holiday and will be unavailable from February 13-24th! I have since never heard from her, and I have disputed the charge with my credit card company. This is a fraudulant website! Buyer Beware.

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