LovDock, INC. Review


I purchased a floating solar fountain and tried it in my pool. It did not spray, only bubbled. This is in full southern New Mexico sun in the middle of the day. The other solar pump product they sent me worked marginally. | I sent them a note and they requested a video, so I complied as requested. LovDock asked for up to two days for their technician to review. They never replied, so I again sent a note and requested resolution. | This time they claim it’s my fault because it’s not floating correctly! I don’t control the law’s of physics or how THEIR product floats! In any case, it’s being used exactly as pictured and exactly as noted in the included instructions. | Now I have to open a dispute with my credit card company. | It’s not worth the hassle dealing with LovDock. Purchase elsewhere. Scam company.


  • Name: LovDock, INC.
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City: London
  • Address: Third Floor 207 Regent Street
  • Phone: 86-755-89534261-8009
  • Website: www.lovdock.com/

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