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Complaint: Do not trust Tami or james chopping from They are a glorified puppy mill.Put a deposit on a fremch bulldog(Frankie) when he was 10 days old.Tami updated me with pics and videos throughout the remaining 7 week wait. Nanny services and transaction went smooth. Tami told me Frankie was 6.4lbs while on way to airport to pick him up. When I brought him to the vet, he was only 3.2 lbs and within 5 seconds of the ck up, my vet notified me that he had a grade 3 heart murmur. If you don’t know anything about heart murmurs, they are graded 1-6. It is somewhat common for a puppy to have a 1-2 and they are likely to grow out of it. A grade 3 or higher has a potential for concern for health problems for the pup. In disbelief, I took Frankie for a total of 3 opinions hoping someone was wrong and they all said the same thing. One vet even said possible grade 4. All vets did not understand how this was missed and how he was sent with a healthy certificate to fly (puppies should not fly with murmurs due to stress on the heart) I was devastated. I did not want it to be true as I loved him. I took action and called the vet that Tami took him to. The vet notified me that he told her that Frankie had a grade 3 murmur and it was a congenital issue. Tami knew about this and never told me. She put the little life of the puppy in harms way by flying him to me and then I had to find out for myself he was not healthy. I was advised to send him back as this could be potentially a heavy financial and emotional burden. A grade 3 in only a 9 week puppy was not promising. I then had to wait 3 weeks until they could fly the nanny here to pick him up. That was the hardest 3 weeks for me because I was becoming so attached to him and loved him so much and then had to hand him over to a complete stranger. That was by far the hardest thing I ever had to do. Tami is all about the money. Should be called and not From Oct 2013 – beginning of January, she has since had over 30 puppies for sale on her site. They are beautiful pups but don’t trust her. Who knows how healthy they are. Do your homework and call the vets that she uses for yourself. She will ship you an unhealthy puppy.

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Address: Elk City, Oklahoma USA


Phone: 580-799-1910

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