Loving Donation Review


I have been trying to get medical records from an egg donor that was used from Loving Donation close to 10 years ago. Deana DeRoot, the owner and RN of this company was been dodging me and lying to me for close to 3 months. She first told me she had to look for all of the medical records because “although she was required to keep them”, she became so “big” she doesnt know if the medical records were saved or scanned. It took her 6 weeks and 6 phone calls and emails to get her to find them. | When she did find the information, she blamed her “assistant” and said she sent the information. I asked her to confirm the address where the information was sent and she has since not returmed any of the numerous emails or voicemails. The one voicemail she did return she called from a unmarked number and stated she has been so busy for 3 months with helping families that she has not been able to look for the information she promised she would sent me. I am needing this information since I dont have a copy of the information for my records. | She also told me that she was unable to look for my records which she is obligated to keep per Florida statue due to her brother living, but not effected in Houston, TX with hurricane Harvey, her kids going back to school, having no assistant, getting a new assistant and only working part time. | This company is a scam. She has my money, is not following the Florida statue and guidelines necessary for an egg donor agancy and skirts the truth, avoids phone calls, doesnt answer emails and lies about what she promises she is going to do and what she says she has done. This is coming form a nurse, a person who should have ethical and moral standards higher than anyone – instead she takes advantage of people and lies. I would stay away from her and Loving Donation – avoid the disapointment.


  • Name: Loving Donation
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Lake Mary
  • Address: 1331 S International Pkwy STE 2291
  • Phone: 800-749-5773
  • Website: lovingdonation.com/

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