Lowes Los Angeles California


Complaint: i worked at this store as management. me and 3 associates got (jumped) attacked at the store by customers. lowes got blackmailed by an associate that they “supposely “” fired. In retaliation before she left she got all of the associates including myself beat up. We got stabled with knifes and hit with guns right in front of the entrance door

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: while the store was still open. lowes didnt even call the ambulance for us and we were bleeding all over there parking lot. An associate that was working ( not envoled at all) clocked out and took us to the hospital. they said if she clocks out they would fire her. thankful for her she clocked out anyway. We were pretty messed up emotionally and physically. truthfully i still am

Website: but my whole life is messed up because of this situation. ive suffered from memory lost

Phone: smh. After all that lowes paid to get the associates car cleaned (our blood was all over her car)

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