Lucky Puppy Kennel Review


We bought two dogs from you 3 1/2 years ago. About a year-and-a-half ago one of them was diagnosed with having a heart murmur, indicative of cardiomyopathy. Which unfortunately is common in Doberman. Last night I took both of them out to use the restroom and one of them (not the one with the heart murmur) just fell over and died. This dog was three and a half years old. The doctor said that he must have died from having cardiomyopathy and then a heart attack. We tried to have him resuscitated and spent $820 trying to bring our baby back to life, but it didn’t help, he passed away. We are heartbroken. I did some research andone the breeder really needs to test their dogs to see if they are carriers of heart murmurs or cardiomyopathy. If they keep breeding dogs with heart murmurs they are going to keep selling dogs that could just fall over and die without explanation. Which leaves the owners just completely in shock and left to grieve over the loss of a member of their family. My other dog is not handling it well either, they have never been separated….I cannot express how awful it was to watch my sweet baby stumble over and just die in my arms, and me being helpless.


  • Name: Lucky Puppy Kennel
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Salisbury
  • Address: 239 Heavens Trl
  • Phone: 704-245-4949
  • Website:

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