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I have been looking for cheapest prices for legos for days and all of a sudden this website pops up- claiming to have the prices a third cheaper than any other website. I believed it at first until i went to verify the website and I got nothing. It says its connected with facebook, twitter, and 2 other social media- but when I click on the link it does not allow me to go anywhere. In fact it just brings me back to the top of the webpage. When I called the contact phone number- It rang once and then hung up. The second time I called- it rang and rang then sent to voicemail. The voicemail did not even have any company info on it and sounded like someone from out of country. When I filled out the “contact us”” portion of the website and hit submit

it went to this other wesbite called “”pretend play store”” or “”“” contact form

a complete different website selling the same type of stuff. When I call this phone number to pretend play- I was able to leave a voicemail- but again it rang once and then went to voicemail

and still no professionalism. these website say they are paypal approved and registered store on bizrate as of today’s date- 7/4/14. It is a SCAM- do not trust your money with these sites!”

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