Lumidaire Gantt Alabama


Complaint: I had ordered this product because I had rec’d a message stating I had been chosen to try the product by paying only shipping and handling . Against my husbands adcise I chose to trust these people I was speaking too. I the representative if I liked the product could I call back and then subscribe to a monthly trial she assured me that would be fine . Never once was I told I would need to call back and cancel the subscription. In the mean time of receiving and using the product I had to have surgery and also a heart cath. The last thing on my mind was this company charging my credit card in an amount close to $400.00. Because I was told remember this was in no way a commitment . I quit using the product when my skin began worsening causing break outs and now I have permanent scarring from using this product. I was shocked when I received a second box in the mail. So I called the company explain the above, spoke with sales rep, then ask to speak with supervisor, which is as Natalie employee ID 0158. She advised there was nothing they would be willing to do other than ship me out 2 free products . I explained I had not used the “free trial”” I rec’d the first time due to the scarring . Would they please be willing to at least give me credit for at least one of the 2 months of charges that I had been charged . She said no and then went back through the spill of shipping out free products . I ask to speak to her supervisor and she said that would be the office manager and your not gonna speak to her because that’s what I’m here for & there’s nothing else I can do to help you ..”

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