Luna Luxe Skin Care Chicopee Massachusetts


Complaint: I saw the ad on the web for a trial offer of Luna Luxe skin cream. Sounded good so I bought into it. Received product, used it, did not think about it. One month later, my checking account is short, I noticed four charges totalling $362.82. I did receive 1 package from them but never opened it, sent it back immediately. Never received anything else from them. I called them up to ask for my money back and was told this could not happen. I told her I sent the product back and she said they could not accept it, that it would be mailed back to me. So far, have not seen anything back from them. The operator also said she could not refund my account but would cancel the subscription. Tried to offer the product at 50% off, I said no, just wanted my money back. Tne operator also told me that at the time of the trial offer, there were the rules which I neglected to read. She was quite huffy with me. I am not rich by any means and cannot afford to lose this kind of money. I will not trust any other “free trials”” again. I feel so stupid for trusting “”Shark Tank””.”

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Address: Internet USA


Phone: 925-856-9742

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