Lunas Superior Painting and Custom Tile LLC Review


I Hired Pamela Leavitt, owner of Lunas Superior Painting and Custom Tile, to install floor tile in my home. It became clear that she had neither the experience nor the tools for the project. She quoted 3 days to finish the job but was not even half finished after a week working only 2-4 hours per day. | She deceptively attempted to secure many tiles to the floor using spots of silicone sealant instead of mortar. There were huge, jagged gaps between the walls and the tile that baseboards would never cover. Some tile protruded far enough from the floor to trip over. Unbelievable sloppy. | She started grouting before the job was even finished and left the grout to dry on the tile an entire weekend, making it impossible to remove. I fired her and she refused to return my deposit. I had to pay thousands to tear out the job and have a professional re-do it. She failed to appear at a small claims trial, and now I have a county summer court judgment against Pamela Leavitt and the business as co-defendants.


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