Lyndsey Suggs Fort Lewis, Washington Washington


I’m posting this for a great friend of mine because this bitch doesn’t deserve to get away with this shit! || My friend had thought her marriage was fine. It was a dream come true to her, she believed they were perfect together, they enjoyed the same things believed the same things, had the same values and thoughts…. she was pregnant with their second child. They were happy, getting ready to move. Then when she took their two kids to stay with his parents for a little while he tells her he wants a divorce. She later finds out he’d been talking/texting this girl non-stop, taking her out…and even back to THEIR home. Then she has the nerve to say she”didn’t mean any disrespect” she just”wanted to hang out with him” SOMEONE else’s husband….someone’s father!! Apparently this had ALL started earlier that month when him and this girl were training together…and immediately afterward he wants a divorce, but says it isn’t because of this girl. || I know for this it was just as much his fault as hers…but why get involved at all with a married man…especially one that has kids…and you KNOW has kids. Why be that disrespectful to me and our kids to do that. And to enter OUR home? Why do any of that… || Now he’s being a complete prick constantly telling her how crazy and stupid SHE is… and how he never loved her, their marriage was a lie. She is completely broken from all of this…all because of this skank and a shitty husband and father.

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