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I was contacted through seeking a wedding photographer. The email came from a “Lynn Allen” but the person contacting me introduced herself as Gina Vines Wyatt. I asked for more information on her wedding needs and she replied. She asked me for my contact information saying that her uncle was paying for the wedding. Two days later I was contacted by a Gina Jefferson with a very similar email address and I noticed the text was verbatim of the first one sent from Gina Vines Wyatt. I knew right away something was wrong. The next day another email came from the first “Gina” saying she would contact me once I received the money. Yesterday I received a text and email stating there was a misunderstanding and an overpayment was sent and if I would kindly refund the difference. They really need to find a new scam. That’s the oldest in the book! Give me a break. I never received a check but I’m sure they intended for me to receive one. Not sure what to do past this point. Any advise would be great. I’m ignoring the text and email until I get further instruction from somebody.. I demand No damage was done as of yet but I would like to expose these scammers before someone does fall for their fraud.. Stay away

  • #lynn allen|gina jefferson|gina vines wyatt
  • #lynn allen |gina jefferson |gina vines wyatt

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