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Complaint: I just wanted to share with you my experience with Peter Horvath from M7Tuning. I believe he is the owner but I am not sure. I purchased a Venom nitrous kit from M7 many months ago. The system did not Work properly. I had it installed at the shop that Peter reccomended so I assumed the problem wasn’t the installation. So I discussed it with the installer and he called peter at M7 and Peter told him that he has been having problems with the wiring harness of these units so he sent out a replacement wiring harness. The harness was exchanged and was found not to change anything. So once again the installer called peter and peter says that I need to buy new fuel injectors because the ones I am using are too small. So I spend the $400 on the new injectors. This didn’t change anything either. The unit still didn’t work as promised. My nitrous would shoot for 3-4 seconds and then shut the entire car down for 5 seconds. At this point I had spend $800 on the nitrous plus shipping and handling and tax. I had also purhcased the injectors for $400 and paid for the install. My car was inoperable for weeks at a time awaiting a call from peter to come up with another excuse of why his nitrous systems don’t work. Plus I had to pay for the installation of the unit and the injectors. I then learned that others had the exact same problem as I had. At this point I had enough and I choose to return the unit as a defective one and get my money back. This is advertised on his website and is clearly stated in the literature I received when I purchased the unit. I called Peter and left more than 10 messages for him with no return call. So I discussed this with the installer and after threatening to sue I finally recieved a call from peter who told me he was only going to refund me $700. To this day I don’t understand where he came up with this random number. I purchased the unit for approxs $950 including tax and shipping. Then I purchased the injectors that he told me would fix the problem and then I had to pay for the install and removal of the unit. So I was out over $1800. He was firm on his $700 and so I told him that was fine. I wasn’t about to waste my day in small claims court over $700. But I did want to share this story with all of you Mini owners who would like to purchase aftermarket accesories. I would also like to share with you the fact that I have been told that many of the M7 line of products do not do what they claim to do. I have heard many stories similar to mine surrounding M7 and Peter Horvath. Please beware. If you have this Venom nitrous unit from M7tuning and it shuts your car computer down after a couple of seconds I would call peter and demand your money back. The system should work flawlessly as advertised. I have years of experience with Nitrous and this unit doesn’t work. Gunter Sherman Oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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