Mackenzie Buckelew, yuma, Arizona


This here ladies & gentlemen is Mackenzie Buckelew. Her sister is posted on this site too so it must run in the family. She is going around arizona sleeping around on her boyfriend. Shes been with the whole football team and she loves older married men. Word around town her nickname is Fish gee i wonder why? Her or should i say their mother Celeste Buckelew should have raised her children better. Taught them not to be whores. I guess its how the saying goes like mother, like daughter. Celeste has lot of kids because she cant keep her own legs closed her self. Mackenzie has been to parties where she has slept with 3 guys in one night. Like girl can you not keep your legs closed? Hello they dont call you Fish for a reason!! Get it together girl you dont have to be like Kaylyn & your mother. Mackenzie and Kalyn will sleep around with what and who ever just to support their cocaine & pill habits. Little girl stop going around screwing married men its not good for you health when one of their wifes catch you. Shes always posting pictures with the dog filter on it!! um hello we all know that you are a dog you sleep around with anyone that will screw you!!!!

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