Mackenzie Health Hospital Complaint


I like to comment about the way the Ambulance and at the hospital Emergency was handled . This was an after Surgery complication and normal emergency procedure to any Medical staff. I was taken to Mackenzie Health for better handling the situation after Surgery at the same Hospital. The Emergency team left me in Pain and Suffering pushing me back to a normal in line waiting list. IT DID NOT MATTER TO ANYONE HOW BAD I WAS SCREAMING AND SUFFERING -ALMOST TREATING ME LIKE A KID THAT COULD NOT TAKE PAIN. The nurse on duty did not know how to place and intervene and other crucial tasks to the base of Nursing level. I was left with a severe Urine Block from 12:30 AM til about 6:00 AM. Totally disappointed Your Emergency team has made my recovery Condition a lot worst . Your nurse could not perform an Intervene and could not perform basic tasks essential to be a nurse. Very disappointed at the Ambulance Paramedic little kids unaware of what the emergency was. IT DID NOT MATTER HOW THE PROBLEM WAS EXPLAINED, THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND OR PREFERRED TO NOT UNDERSTAND OR ACT ACCORDING TO THE EMERGENCY.

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