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Complaint: Macomb county FOC is a joke. My Ex- Wife is making me look foolish in court by contesting against my (joint and physical) custody motions and the court wont listen to one word i have to say. I have complaints but when i try to enforce it they give me the run arounds. But if she files a motion or complaint they listen. She is a bad mother who leaves my children alone for days at a time with no food to go out partying, and when i try to address the issue i get blown off like i dont have any say. I pay over $800 a month in support to This woman and i never see anything productive being done with the money. She sends them with me looking like no one loves them just so i have to buy new clothes and shoes, but the FOC takes 51% of my earnings so im barley able to live and its really difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with my children My 9 year old son wants to stay with me but the courts wont even investigate before deciding what living arrangments is suitable for them. My son doesnt even have a bed but do you think they care..? He sleeps on the couch. I wanna call protective services for children but it ll just depress the children even more. Why go through all the BS when they have a father who is willing to take the whole resonsibility rather than use the kids to work the system for welfare and child support. I have rediculous arreareges even though its so difficult to find a good job. I just wanna give up and let the judges and politicians who make these laws deal wit these kids that become menaces because their not being taught anything..FOC is not good for me and my family. Its WRONG..!! LETTING THE MOTHER USE AND ABUSE THE SYSTEM.

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Address: 40 N Main 6th floor Mt Clemens, Michigan United States of America



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