Macy’s Decatur Georgia Review


My Amercian Express Macy’s card was comprised with some Starbuck charges. I never use the card and I never received a statement, if they had I could have been alerted abut the fraud. I live in the South and the charges were in Washington where I’ve never been. I have to wait until they mail the report and they say it could take 90-120 days to even investigate meanwhile the charges stay on my account and could add more late time to my credit report unless I pay and then once the investigation is over get my money back so it won’t affect my credit any further. This means this could be up to 6 months before this is even settled. I was transferred to their Credit Bureau, customer service, fraud and collections department. Half of my day gone with no resolution. Cancel your American Express Macy’s card so this won’t happen to you. American Express should cancel their relationship with Macy’s credit as it puts a stain on their name. Macy’s customer service has gone down so much!!!! In stores and in the credit card department. Never again!!!

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