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AFTER 5 MONTHS OF CALLING TO CANCEL A SO CALLED CREDIT PROTECTION FEATURE THAT CHARGES ME $4 TO $5 A MONTH (THAT I DID NOT ASK TO HAVE ON MY ACCOUNT), I STILL AM BEING CHARGED FOR IT. nI opened a Macy’s account in November of 2005, in January 2006, I noticed that I was recieving bills with little $4 and $5 charges every month. When I called Macy’s and inquired, they claimed the charges aren’t thiers. But it’s on my Macy’s bill. (So—you are charging my card with some merchandise or service that doesn’t belong to you–without my consent?) nThey gave me Credit Pro’s phone number–which happens to be a part of Macy’s–they said. Just a different department. I called them, and asked them to remove this service and the charges off of my bill. They said they would, but claimed that I ordered the service when I signed up with Macy’s. (If that was so, why am I billed 2 months after my supposed sign up?) nThey didn’t remove the charges. I called in Janurary, Feb, March, April, May—and in June–you guessed it, ANOTHER $4 FOR THE SERVICE. I emailed Macy’s, I called Macy’s, I even wrote Macy’s, and thier so called Credit Pro, and I got little or no response, smart aleck and rude people on the phone from Credit Pro– BOTTOM LINE IS THEY DO NOT WANT TO STOP CHARGING MY CARD. nTHIS IS A COMPLETE RIP OFF. BEWARE OF SIGNING UP FOR MACY’S CREDIT CARDS WHILE OUT SHOPPING. THEY WILL HAVE YOU SIGN A SLIP OF PAPER, ENTICE YOU WITH SOME DISCOUNT FOR APPLYING, AND THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW YOU HAVE SOME 3RD PARY VENDOR CHARGES ON YOUR ACCOUNT–AND THEY DO NOT–REPEAT–THEY DO NOT WANT TO REMOVE THE CHARGES. THESE CREDIT PROTECTION PEOPLE MAKE A LIVING OFF OF RIPPING YOU OFF!!!! nRANDYnKennesaw, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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