Macys Furniture Store on Britton Parkway Columbus Oh Columbus Ohio Review


WARNING – DO NOT BUY FROM MACYS BECAUSE THEIR FURNITURE LOOKS NICE, BUT THE QUALITY IS SUBPAR AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIFIC!!! I ordered $5000 worth of bedroom and office furniture from the Macy’s Furniture on Britton Parkway on Black Friday November 2016. Due to the office furniture being on back order, they told me I would have to wait to have my bedroom furniture delivered unless I would like to pay for delivery twice. At that time the office furniture was on back order for one month. I agreed I could wait because they we would receive our furniture before Christmas. A month later I called Macy’s because I expected a call of when the furniture would be delivered, but never received it yet. After calling Macy’s customer service, they informed me the office furniture would not be delivered before January 11, 2017. After complaining to Macy’s it’s been 1 1/2 months since purchasing my furniture, I need to have my new bedroom furniture, they agreed to delivery my bedroom furniture at no cost to me. The delivery of my bedroom furniture was delivered the first weekend of January. The furniture guys did a great job with bringing the furniture in and quickly putting the bed together. About one week later another group of furniture guys brought and put together my office furniture. The desk, none of the three guys knew how to put the desk together and were guessing. I suggested using the instructions. Once they had the instructions, they were able to put the desk together quickly. While cleaning the furniture, I realized the legs on the bed did not look vertical. The filing cabinet also made a clicking noise. I called Macy’s customer service and they informed me they would send a technician. The technician came and fixed the legs on the bed. He also fixed the locking mechanism on the filing cabinet which locks one drawer when the other is open.Shortly after the technician left, I quickly became aware the letter filing poles in the filing cabinet were to narrow so they would not fit a letter size hanging file folder. I called customer service and they stated they would send another technician. This appointment they had to set out two weeks. Speaking with customer service about the inconvenience, they said I could return the product, I could have technician fix the problem, or I could have the product replaced. Customer service said the next shipment for the filing cabinet was not until April. I said I could not wait that long to use the filing cabinet. I asked if I could defer payment on the filing cabinet, they said I would have to talk with Macys credit. Macys credit told me they would not defer that cost because the furniture was delivered. I called my Macys store (Dionne) and they said there was nothing they could do. I called customer service again and spoke with Arlin who said they would have the technician come to fix AND would be able to request replacement pieces. They did provide me a 10% discount ($46) for the all the inconveniences. The technician came out again, and he didn’t have the correct equipment to fix the cabinet, but he used a different type of drill to move the file hanging poles out. He had to do it on four side of two drawers because the paneling was incorrectly drilled by the manufacture. After fixing the drawers, he told me that he cannot say replacements are needed, but I should call Customer Service. I spoke with the customer service rep (Vickie) and she said since the drawers are fixed, they would not replace the drawers. I spoke with her supervisor (Stephanie) who said they would not fix the drawers not that they met the manufacture standards. I said the drawers were altered, and not meeting manufacture standard, but I purchased a product to be working correctly when purchased. She was rushing to get off the phone. She said she would have her manager call me since I requested the call. I expect, he/she too will not satisfy me by replacing the drawers to meet the standards I expect from the very expensive furniture we purchased. My recommendation is to NEVER BUY FROM MACYS FURNITURE. I wish I would have read Yelp before making my purchase, because they’ve received really bad reviews.

5700 Britton Parkway Dublin, Ohio USA

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