Complaint: I have ordered several items from and while some parts do arrive about 10 days after order most don’t arrive at all. I was threatened by the website when I asked why the parts were not shipped within a reasonable time after I ordered them. It also appeared thaat after I had complained a couple of times about parts not being delivered I recieved a tracking number for a package. When the package did arrive a week later it only contained half the original order. The packing slip inside indicated that all the parts on the order were in the box even though they were not. Below is a copy of the response that I recieved from my inquiry: Sir we ship from 5 locations and we do not appreciate the crazy rude email. Don’t burn a bridge here. Every time something is done on your order it auto emails you. We are swamped every day here and we do not have time to waste debating ridiculous statements with you. This supplier of go-kart and motorcycle parts is mostly a shame and if I had read the other reports on this site I would not have wasted my money or time. I would catagorize this site as a scam site taking creditcard orders and charging you but not delivering what has been paid for.

Tags: Sales People

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 866-765-0445

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