MadSky Managed Repair Program NAPLES other Review


We are Building Contracting Company in Naples FL. We were called out to tarp 2 roofs for this company, Both calls were after hours after Hurricane IRMA. We came out and completed the jobs as asked! We later received more calls for potential work. We went out on 4 appointments just to learn that most clients are completely confused as to what this company really does and the clients are simply lied to on a lot of other points. We were told to say whatever we needed to just to sell the job. We have 2 bills for slightly more than 2K and they have been unable to pay us for our services! We spoke to multiple people and departments, one particular department changed 3 people in the same position in the matter of 4 months! BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE!!

Marco Island, Florida United States

(719) 985-2085

Roofing Companies

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