Magills towing Dunlevy Pennsylvania


Complaint: I am making this statement to explain the incident that occurred at magill’s towing on thurs Jan 15 at 4:30 pm. I will give a step by step account starting on sun jan 11. My wife blew tire on turnpike a couple miles east of monroeville exit. Monday i travel to where van was to find out its missing without turnpike knowledge at that time. I call magills n verified my van was indeed towed by them non consensually. I immediately rushed there. Paid the bill n recovered my van. Upon examining my receipt, i noticed there were extra charges n on top of that the total was 45 dollars above all charges specified on receipt. I did research to understand the turnpike comm standard charges n price caps n also fed and state guidelines pertaining to my issue. I informed turnpike of my issue the next day. Then thurs morning i got a call from turnpike n then a call from magills claiming clerical error n i need to come down n pick up a revised receipt. So i drove back to magills expecting to b able to obtain this ” revised”” receipt and attempt to settle or at least understand why im charged more. I walk in about 4:30 pm n let them know im here for the receipt. While waiting i ask to use restroom they allow. After coming out restroom

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Address: still waiting for receipt calmly n quietly

Website: heres your receipt theres the door.”” I said “” fine ill leave.”” N started walking toward door. While doing so i took a pic of their prices on the wall. As soon as camera clicked the man behind counter became enraged and rushed toward me as i was exiting. Grabbed me from behind to pull me back in

Phone: i start reading paper material on their walls. Once receipt was handed to me i ask to show them turnpike comm website pricing standards. He reluctantly agreed. After reading directly from site for 30 sec

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