Dallas Texas


Complaint: These thugs sold me a concrete stain inside my house, when we started the work I asked them if they going to put up plastic and they said they would. They put up about one foot of plastic and it kept falling down. They were destroying the paint and trim. They also created a lot of dust, which they said they would clean up. I told them several times to pick up the plastic, the got irritated and told me they would touch up the paint when they were done. By the third day i was so irritated with these guys I finally told them I wanted them out of my house and my money back. They left and never returned my deposit, which they said tney would. I looked online for reviews and saw that they had done the exact same thing to a number of others. They go in get half the money upfront and create so much dust and destruction, that you finally cant stand it anymore. THESE GUYS ARE TRUE CROOKS WATCH OUT!!

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: Fort worth, Texas United States of America


Phone: 817-638-4124

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