Mal Parsons DBA Mal Malouth Grapevine Texas Review


Mal Parsons, owner of Mal Malone Clothing in Dallas, TX has stolen from Sullivan Perkins Inc. product and services totaling over $1,000. Multiple calls have been made to Mal Parsons, but if she answers at all, she will place the call on hold until the caller hangs up, then leave the phone off the hook for hours on end. Ms. Parsons has been unprofessional, to say the least, throughoutour communications. This reputation proceeds her, as I found multiple comments from her customers to that affect when researching this company online. Mal Malone Clothing has no intentions of honoring their financial obligations. It would appear that they are struggling to keep the businees open, or they simply feel it is their right to pay invoices at their discretion, if at all. If you shop at this store, there is a good chance that you are purchasing product that has not been paid for. Please do not encourage this behavior.

4014 Villanda St. Dallas, Texas United States of America


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