Managing System Development LLC Review


A representative named Elizabeth Hayden, agent called me recently on my cell phone asking me about my Timeshare. When I told her I am willing to sell but no lower than $20,000 she stated it is worth much more than that and we are willing to buy your timeshare membership. She gave a number of about $40,000. So, I said ok, send me information. | She stated a salesman would be in touch to give me more information. I spoke with a salesman Joseph Wilson and he proceeded to up the price to $50,000. They then sent me a Purchase Offer and wanted a copy of my Resort Contract. | I sent back the signed Purchase Offer and asked if this was the final price. He then upted it again to $54,000. | Then Joseph Wilson sent a Title Holdings representative Cynthia Reva from Title Trading Holdings Corporation to do a Title Search for my timeshare but would require a wire transfer of $880 to be wired to Mexico. | The Title Trading Holdings Corp sent me Guaranteed Escrow/Purchase/Sale Agreement form signed by the intended buyer: Roberto Salinas Gonzalez, then signed and accepted by Excrow agent Charles D. Anderson, CEO of Title Trading Holdings Coproration, LLC and then signed and accepted by Joseph W. Wilson, CEO of Managing System Development, LLC. | I returned the signed forms back and wired the $880 to a Mexico. | Now they are requesting another $2,000 to be paid to some Mexican Administration agency SAT that is alleging for transparency or called the Mexican Administration Fee must be paid by foreign investors…Well, my timeshare is in the Dominican Republic. | Well, I told them I do not have it… | I have not heard from them since….


  • Name: Managing System Development LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Charlotte
  • Address: 6135 Park South Drive
  • Phone: 704-817-2858
  • Website:

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