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Complaint: I was contacted by a man named Christian White, I found that unusual becasue we were contacted in May by a man claiming to be a Chris and he was from another company. That Chris was from a company called Canyon Captial. We spoke about all different things, and it sounded so good. It was hard to not beilieve him. He asked for very little information. What tipped me off was when earlier today I spoke with a man who answered the phone who stated we had been keeping them at bay for months, since May. That struk me as odd since it was another companies name that we were attempting to work with in May. Today there was a knock at our door, it was a man here to serve my husband papers. He said he had to come back as he had to go copy them off. When I could not sleep tonight, I came back out to the papers he was served with and found that there was staple marks in the papers and the dates were for back in Aungust. Someone told our mortagae company that we both had moved to CA. There was an address for an apartment where there was no one living according to Google. Yet, there was my maiden name attached to this paper work we were served with. I am super worried now..what has happened here…how do we know for sure that this man Christian White actually called our mortgage company when we had him on the line….I am super lost now. We clearly were ripped off, I will comtact the FBI tomorrow as the other person suggested we do as they have gotten money from us. My husband will be stopping payments on the checks..

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