Mancuso Productions/ Haitian Digital Television Review


On February 8 2013 Claude Mancuso/ Mancuso Productions/ Haitian Digitial Television took $3500.00 of $10,000 from a 70 year old retired woman and promised to offer exorbitant services including but not limited to Promotion of the project through Radio broadcasting on 4 different stations, 2 days of recording and producing the project with a production crew, (2 to 3 cameral men, director, etc…) along with editing and training for the host of the TV show. Not only did Mr. Mancuso not deliver after the taking the money, but when confronted for his tretchery and deceipt, he acknowledged his inability to provide the services and agreed to pay back the money and untill this day over a year and 3 months later, has neglected to do so. Stay far away from this man if he offers you services or tries to make deals with you. He will steal your money!!!! .

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