mandy or film and TV PRO Middle Island New York Review


Any professional crew member going on or Film and TV, (what a joke using the word pro) by looking for work is perpetuating the ripping off of skilled workers for what is tantamount to illegal labor law practices! What this site considers full paid jobs are a complete dishonorable joke. If you honor this site and continue to use it you deserve what you get and that is being ripped of by wanna be, and should never have been called producers, using this site steal talent and to kill an industry who’s workers used to be respected and valued! The use of hard working skilled people at what this web site calls “Full Paid”” rates is egregious and those who continue to use this site should be considered pariah in our industry! By using this site “”MANDY””

or “”FILM and TV Pro”” you are perpetuating your own as well as others downfall feeding into the hands of unscrupulous producers and charlatans! I say boycott this site

write in and tell them you wont accept s**t pay for hard intellectual or highly skilled work! Write the CEO Mandy Ginsberg tell her what you think lets make a difference for the hard working crew member who has dedicated their time and effort to become a real professional and deserves more! STOP THE RIP OFF WRITE THIS A*H* to stop them FROM RUINING OUR BUSINESS ANYMORE! You can write to her personally at her linked in page! she has no business being involved with the film industry

her only reason is to make money on the backs of hard working professional crew by helping producers in undercutting salaries of good decent hard working film people

she has NO ties to the film industry other than to fill her own pockets with the blood of our passion for our industry! She is a scumbag!BOYCOTT MANDY and FILM and TV PRO! I have nothing to hide and I am willing to debate this charlatan owner CEO of this company on how they are breaking the law by offering or allowing others to offer jobs for below minimum wage

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