Mango Company Melbourne.Victoria. Internet Review


I also am a victim of this fraudulent Company. My order from down under was placed 7th November. I thought they were reputable as Pay Pal was assigned…but alas I was wrong. After raising complaint with Pay Pal I was finally answered with a UPS consignment number to track………I checked the number and it was a number given to UPS by mango not the other way around… I have attempted several emails via Pay Pal with no response and have escalated it to a claim. There is no guarantee that Pay Pal will able to recover monies I have been advised as it was with a credit card. I do not blame Pay Pal for this; only their continuing association with this company as they are the reason why I order through them.If this company continues to pray on the physical and mental weaknesses of people it will be its undoing. There is old idiom: “Fool me once

shame on you; fool me twice

shame on me””This means that you should learn from your mistakes and not allow people to take advantage of you repeatedly.”

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