The van picked us up at 7:20 and took us to a central location where we were supposed to leave by 8:30. Did not leave until 11:30 partially because they drove two miles and then picked up private passengers who were not going on the tour and waited for them. We waited 45 miutes on the way home for these 2 private passengers. We were supposed to have a 3 hour tour of Chichen Itza and ended up with only 2 hours. We spent a total of 4 extra hours on the bus. Our hotel concierge complained and they agreed to give us half of our money back. They took our credit card and told us that the refund was processed and would appear in our account. It never appeared on our credit card statement.


  • Country: Mexico
  • State:
  • City: Cancún, Q.R.
  • Address: M 2 L, Av. Tankah 18, 26
  • Phone: 52 998 704 0443
  • Website:

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