Maple Grove Estates Dorr Michigan Review


This company will single out people in their community and constantly harass them while allowing others to do as they wish. Their main offense for purposes of this report is illegal eviction, threat, and employment retaliation. I was also violated for non-existant rules and have had to file police reports on Jeff Grygal, the regional manager for the ownership MHPI Inc. for attempting to keep my property. After the police leave they will continue to threaten illegal actions while denying it the entire time. They have paid several visits to my home site to make up rule violations that do not exist. (Not only do the violations not exist but the rule(s) they attempt to push are NOT even rules. This management has cost me over $5000 since October by purposely delaying the sale of a home I once owned. They have stolen property from me as well and when I ask for it back they try to pretend that they do not know how to open the door my property is behind. The management refuses to be civil despite several attempts on my part and as a resident of this community, I feel unsafe and threatened. To top it all off, They do not remove snow from the commons area which includes the mailbox and school bus stop. A lawsuit for harassment and employment retaliation is in the works as other residents have informed me of more plans of management to continue.

1696 143rd Ave Dorr, Michigan USA


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