Marathon Computing Review


Let me begin by saying that I personally have used this individual’s services for 7+ years. He always followed through with any work agreed upon and was paid promptly for that work. I made a recommendation for him to work on a project to an associate of mine. He was given all of the details, given several days to evaluate the project and came back with a quote for the completed job ($3,500) which was agreed to by all parties. He never asked for a contract to be signed or a down payment made and neither did I merely for the fact that he had done so much work for me in the past without issue. This was mid-March. He was to get started on the project at his earliest availability with a deadline set for May 1. May-June is the busiest part of the season for my associate where they make the money that gets them through the rest of the year. After not hearing anything, I decided to email and check on the status of the project on April 13th, almost a month after he accepted the offer. His response was: | “I have worked through the site and planned things out, but I haven’t really completed anything. I think the end of the month is still doable, but will require some late nights from me.” | I then received another email on April 17th: | “I apologize, but my schedule has not improved at all. I was thinking I would be freed up for focused time on this by now, but I am not. | There is no way I can do this by the end of the month. If they are interested in doing this with a target of mid June, that would be great.” | I discussed this with my associate and while not ideal I convinced them to stay with Marathon Computing as according to Mike Justice, the owner/programmer, he had already planned everything out and in my opinion was still the best person for the job. | The next email I received from Mike Justice was on May 5th: | “Finally, got back to work on this. Please let me know if there are any new thoughts on this project.” | I told him that nothing had changed. Then next email I received was on Wednesday, May 17th: | “Should have something to check out later this week. Expect to be fully done before end of the month.” | This was great news and I informed my associate. Four days later I get the following email: | “Well, this week didn’t go at all as planned. | Other work on key projects came up again. I just can’t focus on your project. | There are also a couple things I really dislike about it – mostly the use of WordPress. | I know you have been wanting me to get going on this for quite a while, but I just can’t do it right now. I think you need to find someone else. | Sorry, but I think that would be best for everyone. Someone with solid php, wordpress, and xml knowledge should do just fine…although the complexity of the results structure should not be underestimated.” | So, we went from being finished 4 days earlier to now dropping out of the project completely in order to focus on more important clients with an excuse that could have been made 2 months earlier so someone else could have been found. | So, now the project has no chance to be completed by another programmer within the targeted timeframe and more than 2 months were wasted believing that work was being done on this project. | I’m writing this here in order to warn people that are looking to hire Michael Justice either through his website at or his profile ( that apparently if a better paying job with higher profile clients comes up after he has committed to work on your job, then you will likely be left out in the cold. I personally will never do business with him again and cannot in good conscience recommend him to anyone in the future.


  • Name: Marathon Computing
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: (913) 645 2597
  • Website:

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