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I am writing about my experience with Marc Accetta. I just saw him speak in Nashville a few weeks ago. I was invited to the World Ventures Acceleration event. nThe event had hundred of people and the location was superb at the opryland hotel. nWhat surprised me, what how everyone talked about ethics and honesty, and when I call my wife to tell her that we need to join this company, she tells me about all the horror stories about Marc Accetta and his wife Kelly, she found on the net. nI could believe it, so I returned to my hotel room, and did a quick search. I found out that there are numerous lawsuits involving Marc Accetta and World Ventures for Dishonesty and stealing of trademarks,etc. I found a website by Bill Gouldd, and he has video proof of how Marc and Kelly stole these characters. What makes me the most upset is how World Ventures proudly supports these kinds of people. nMost MLM’s only care about how much money they can make off their people. Did you ever look at the percentages of people making money? few people ever make money, most spend thousands and thousands of dollars on training, hats, folders, pins, etc. nI had at least 8 people come up to me at the event telling me how much this person makes or that person. I asked them how much they made, they said they were new. Very interesting. Also Marc talked about how he made millions and millions in Network Marketing.. very intersting.. why did he leave all those other companies.. why did they all leave??? nThe concept of world ventures is great, but when they know all about marc accetta and still want him to represent his company, it’s tell syou a lot about the company. You are the company you keep… nMarc is a great salesperson and by reading other posts on his site as well as others, I’m sure alot of people agree with me. nM. FarnsworthnLos Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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