Marcie Galman – East Bay, California California


My world was changed forever the day I found out my husband was having an affair. After over 30 plus years of marriage and children this was a devastating blow. The whore’s name is Marcie Galman, a pitiful excuse for a woman. My husband met this trashy individual at a casino where her and her homewrecking whore friends frequent in an attempt to snag a man who is dumb enough to be their sugar daddy. This whore Marcie is a CNA working at Sonoma State Hospital, a two time loser with 3 children from her two different”baby’s daddy’s”. || She couldn’t find a husband of her own so she decided to go after mine. Since I found about my husbands infidelity, I decided to move on with my life and cut him out of my life. My husband is out of the house as I know he is no bargain. I can do better than this man I devoted the best years of my life to. Since then he has told me details of this whore Marcie, how her and her broke friends hang out at the casinos. She even gambled away the money her daughter got as a graduation gift, and because of that, had her PG&E service cut off and couldn’t afford to throw her daughter a graduation party that she’d promised. || I am devastated but am slowly recovering. My husband claims this whore was just”lonely” and that’s why she hooked up with him. So caution to other wives out there this slut may be”lonely” for a few more years so hold on tight to your husbands. I have more respect for the prostitutes who walk the streets downtown: at least they are honest about their trade. This whore, Marcie is fully aware my husband is married but does not care that she hurts others. She pretends to be God loving and honest. She has such low morals in fact she has the morals of a pig. My friend had likened her to a”pig face” to match the morals, OINK!!My husband admitted he prefers women who are stupid and low class. He must feel like a”God” when they polish his ego to get his money from him. I should have realized before what a narcissistic bastard he really is. In fact I found out he had prostitutes and other low lifes in the past. My children are very ashamed of their father and are still reeling from the shame and devastation he had brought to our family. || I guess this slut Marcie is hanging on to my husband who is foold enough to think he is”The Great Romeo”. They truly deserve each other-a woman who has no honor and a man with no substance. This whore is a sorry example of womanhood, is this what she is teaching her young daughter-to open her legs to a married man? My failed marriage is a product of our society’s moral decay. I have accepted that I have a fool for a husband and my children and I are picking up the pieces of our ruined lives.

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