Marcos Matallana Review


This is called promoter offered us a full weekend filled with events starting from booking our hotel and clubs, bottle services, entertainment for $1800 for 8 girls. We opted to use him because he was a friend of a friend, goes to show what a low life he is. He met us at the hotel after waiting for him for 4 hours and ruining our first day, we finally got booked in and the room was not what we had been promised. He had offered a 2 bedroom suite with 4 beds and instead we got one room with 2 beds. We tried calling him and he wouldn’t take our calls. He calls us back 5 hours later to say he is coming to pick us up because he had promised transportation from all to and from locations. He picks us up and takes us to a club we have never heard of again not what he had promised. He then disappears and that’s the last we heard from him but to top it off when we return to the hotel we are greeted by a message from the front desk telling us we have to get out because the room he claims had been paid for is not in fact paid for and we must pay $400 in addtion to the money we paid that jerk or we must get out on the spot. They threatened to have security kick us out like criminals if we dont pay the $400.00. Luckily a nice manager offered us another room so we can stay there, but of course having to pay again. Long story short. DON’T EVER BOOK ANYTHING WITH THIS SCUM. He also claims to be a promoter for Marc Anthony believe me I will be contacting him as well to let them know about this crook.

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