Maria Charleton Review


Maria Charleton ripped us off for $510 for pool services. We were tired of asking for payment and terminated her services. She still didn’t pay. So we sent her a lien notice and sent her account to collections. She then goes on yelp and maligns our company to which our company attorney was preparing a letter to sue her in superior court for her false review when she was nothing but happy with out services, fact is she didn’t pay!!! | Finally, we sued her in small claims court and our case was ultimately dismissed because some of the invoices were too old and her past due balance had lingered over several years. Even during the collection process Maria admitted she owed us at least several hundred dollars and to date hasn’t even paid that! When we sued Maria Charleton she told the judge she doesn’t think she owes us money because she doesn’t think we ever cleaned her filter (over several years!) then went on to tell the judge she never saw the poolman clean them. And further claims she is “always” home which both were untrue. Perhaps this is because the pool equipment is NOT visible from the back windows as it’s located on the side of the house! She went on to complain and the judge asked her “why did you keep them then?” Maria’s reply “Because they’re the best pool service I ever had!” CORRECT and we still would be had you PAID your bill. The judge asked us “why did you continue her service if she owed so much money?” We explained it’s not uncommon for some customer to fall behind at times. It’s usually not a problem because Most people PAY THEIR BILLS! We are out $510.00. | The funniest part is this “woman” tried to countersue us for some nonsense, countersuit was dismissed because she had no case.. It’s always amusing people rip us off and think they have a case against us. FOR WHAT!!!!! | Still waiting for at least the money you acknowledge you owe, which you wont… how do you sleep at night??


  • Name: Maria Charleton
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Anaheim
  • Address: 436 S Cedarhaven Way
  • Phone: 714-317-7744
  • Website:

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